Once the ground of mind is clarified,
There is no obstruction at all.
You shed views and interpretations
That are based on concepts such as
Victory and defeat, self and others,
Right and wrong.
Thus you pass through all that
And reach a realm of great rest and tranquility.

– Yuanwu

Back from walkies… a lovely morning out. Cool and clear.Walked to the post office and back, and realized I’d have been smart if I’d brought some more money with me to visit the green stand while there… ah well, I’ll swing by during laundry, later on today. Submitted two stories to the The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction. Well, I just dropped them in the mailbox… so it won’t be really launched form the PO until Monday. We’ll see what happens… I still have some stuff in the slush pile at Analog but no info as to when, or if they’ll ever crack into the light of print. When I get back to work tomorrow, I have to print out a few more nice cover sheets, to shop more things around again. Time to print out everything I think to be of value, and just scattergun, tracking what’s gone where in a spreadsheet (that I have yet to put together). I wonder where my landlord went off to… never picked up the rent yesterday.

I did a little writing yesterday on looseleaf paper, trying to capture a different vibe than typing on the laptop. (My gorilloid hands still aren’t the most happy with the “just smaller enough to throw me off” size. I’ve found that porgramming on the worker bee is ok, since I have a lot of word completes and such on the text editor there. I know I’m more comfortable writing on a machine, once the elements are in place, but I think doodling on a scratch pad loosely has some really valid points to it.

*thinking good thoughts for my sweetie who’s going to brave the shopping frenzy today with her maternal unit.

Ah well, off to daily chores! See you kids in a while.

Oh! go see http://www.explodingdog.com/ …I like it.

I knew it – (I’m only slapping online tests at the bottom of real entries, now. 🙂 )

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