The cost of living in a high-tech world…. Last night, while cleaning up, I stepped on a two-pronged electrical plug (for some external speakers on my laptop…the internals just don’t cut it) with the heel of my right foot. I didn’t feel any pain past a sharp pinch, and a little tenderness walking on it. I woke up this morning, and went into the living room, only to find a series of bloody heel-prints on the floor. I stopped bleeding by the time I got th the bedroom, fortunately, but the tile floor had a series of bloody smears placed in oddball locations. My first instinct was that it was Newt actually, until I checked him out, and he’s fine… on closer examination, I realized what had happened. After this morning’s post walkies shower, I now have twin purple prong-lines in my heel, driven through the leather callous to the more tender flesh beneath. I’m glad that I have a high pain threshold. I put some H2O2 on it, and I’ll call the doc if it looks any worse tomorrow about a tetanus shot.

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