Wellp, he's outta there.

Today, we’ll see if monkey-boy gets to keep his job or not past the weekend. We changed the building’s locks last night.

I don’t feel bad for him, because his dad will keep him bankrolled, fed and sheltered from the other company that he owns…and this has been a long time coming.

Deleting important files from the server, taking the network toolbox home and never bringing it back (not to mention having company furniture and computer at his house… oh.. I guess I did.) giving working for the competition – his Dad (on company time!), misuse of company resources, working the grueling schedule of 10-4 with only a 2 hour lunch in between…. not to mention making six figures as a general manager while generally managing to do nothing in particular to our company’s benefit. Blaming workers that actually work for goofing off to the detriment of the company… when all of those workers (myself among them) have put in more time and effort towards making thing work, above and beyond the call of a salaried employee. Kevin, Paul, Dale and I have all pulled extra hours without pay or said that we’d be willing to take a 10% pay cut for a few months to help the company get back on it’s feet after our latest disaster (Our mother company is related to the travel industry)… Little boy blue was the only one (and he’s making at least $120k, remember) flatly refused to take a cut in pay, even for three months, to ensure that folks in the mail shop wouldn’t have to be laid off. Derrick has some real nerve talking out of the side of his head about other workers, trying to deflect blame from his failure as a general manager onto some of the people that keep the company functional.

So… that’s one more trouble spot hopefully erased from the environment…one or two more to go, and personnel will be in tip-top shape.

I wonder if he’ll be banned from the premises with the help of the sheriff like his father was.

In other News… Payday! Friday! Hooray! I look forward to a nice comfortable weekend.

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