today's single card spreads

wheel of fortunethe emperor for my sweetheart-

Wheel Of Fortune — The Wheel of Fortune always indicates a change of fortune. Usually it is a good change because the fact that the Inquirer is consulting you may indicate anxiety or discontent. May also indicate the end of a cycle of problems and the beginning of a positive cycle. Fortune can show wishes coming true, a period of good luck, growth, success, etc. Also indicates the cycles of change, karma and possibly the need for locating the center of tranquility. ( My interpretation fo that is a positive one. 🙂 )

and for myself –

The Emperor — The Emperor may represent a person of authority who is intelligent, experienced, confident and reasonable. It may indicate a primary male influence. The ability to fulfill plans and use mental control over the emotions. (I’m not sure if this applies to me, or some other male… Kevin? Dan? Dave? All rational, confident, reasonable sorts.)

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