This morning's spreads

Six of swords.eight of pentaclesfor my sweetheart – SIX OF SWORDS: SCIENCE — Intelligence that has realized its goal. Labor. Work. Success after anxiety. Passage from difficulty. Journey by water. Progress towards solving a problem. May show that there is an open passageway that leads away from troublesome situations, but the destination is unknown.

souds pretty good…I hope that the passage runs well. 🙂

for myself – EIGHT OF PENTACLES: PRUDENCE — Intelligence applied to material affairs. Agriculture. Building. Skill. Cunning. Industriousness. Successful use of creative skills and craftsmanship in the job. The completion of tasks is indicated as well as the reward of completion.

I hope that mine means the system I’m working on will be done today…I’d like this project to be finished.

Walkies this morning were truncated. I was out for perhaps 20 minutes before heading back in… strong sun and heavy gravity drove me back into my cave. I preferred to just shower and shave, and I’ll to some walkies later tonight, to knock me out before bedtime. I just didn’t have the interest in doing the hour walk after waking up… the morning was too heavy.

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