the fair – synched from the palm.

2001/11/24 – 11:09:33 – Arrived at the fair. Discovered it doesn’t open until noon. Carny-folk living up to the stereotype… drunken bikers and temp hired hoboes seem to be the rule, with the occasional retiree working in the ticket box, which they wouldn’t open to sell me an entry pass yet, so I’m standing in the parking lot, looking at the trailer for the broward county sheriff’s mobile command post. They look ready for anything…two large vans, five golf carts, and who knows what inside the 16 wheeler… not tomention the buckets of police cruisers all ove rthe place. Other sights include the bloodmobile, the pompano racetrack grandstand entrance, tops of some of the larger rides. (single and double ferris wheel, supaloop, giant slide) and the 4-h exhibit tent.

It’s now 11:26:26 – and still no sign of the rest of the gang yet… to be expected, as they’re tardy folk by nature. A mockingbird just landed to my right , head feathers so fine as to look like a fuzzy afro of hair. A few other fairgoers have arrived and the all seem pretty bright-eyed. A mom and dad (I assume) with about six girls in tow, of varying ages, from about 12 down to infant., drinink water by the car…. a middle-aged couple hanging out by the ticket booth… maybe a half dozen migrant workers standing next to the bellsouth “free 10 min long distance call” booth, not yet open. I wonder if they’re going to be telephoning friends back hopme, or just taking advantage of the shade there.

11:36:57 – a lot more folk have arrived, a veritable herd of excited children. 🙂 Lining up at the entrance, the box is still closed… update, got my ticket, and am now waiting for the gates to open up and the gang to arrive. the time is now 11:56:59, light breeze, mostly cloudless sky. getting a little thirsty…can hardly wait for the gate to open so I can grab a lemonade. The cops are now out in full force. Ah! as I write this, there’s Tarpo and Isis now. will return with updates.

Addendum – current time, abut 3:40- had a nice time with them, sis and brother in law and aunt. ride the ferris wheel, fun house, gravitar… had a load of lemonade, and a new (to me anyway) fair food atrocity… Cheese on a stick For you folks that don’t like corn dogs, now they replace the weiner with melted cheese. good, fatty goodness. (I also swiped a few of Rob’s kettle chips).

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