stream of thought

work and mix, make things run just right. smooth and swift or stagger and lurch, as long as the job gets done… time enough for details later.

functional but ugly, elegant in execution, patchwork monster shambles through the unknown… a forest of uncertainty, some branches bite with small serrated teeth, one day to become logs of this day and those since.

belts and gears push a white noise lullaby into you, drowsing despite the engine fuel. an eternity of tests can wear even a diamond smooth, over time. cold wind in a reverse chimney pumps prickly skin over the body, drawing each hair to attention even those protected at the nape by their elongated brethren.

unnatural tension on a steel post, the blood breathes time through the gills of the rainbow, holding fast in the now, but allowing the illusion of motion everwhere else.

from cogs and gears, thoughts of organic forms shine out. a place of comfort and smiles, elegance, beuaty sublime, all touch becomes right, all senses enhanced.

crave the comfort of spoons in bed, a spoonful of sugar, a strong arm around a soft but enduring form next to my own. leopard spots in the twilight, breathy sighs and natural laughter raise spirits, mood, and pulse. a mulitifaceted gem, full of soft light and grace, friend, lover, child, queen, guide and follower. touchstone of peace and light, helps me to see myself. the one I love. makes me strive to be a knight, father, lover, help and generally a true man. come with me… together we are more than we are apart. from two made into one, the world can be made a better place… chemical fusion, emotional bonds, spiritual light all shift to show us together, sharing sensation.

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