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Scotto’s Hateful/Distasteful Things

running out of hot water in the shower
unfulfilling food (Tasteless Produce for example)
people who think they’re brilliant, but aren’t.
paper cuts
folks with no sense of humor
circular arguments
high school level politics on LJ or at work
wearing neckties
melted slurpee
casual profanity
newsprint stains on fingers
software that only works “sometimes”
$.35 pay phones, without a dollar bill changer
tardy taxicabs
off-schedule buses
public toilets with ‘leftovers’ inside
bars with music too loud to converse
home-based e-mail spam of “this is sooooo funny” incoming a dozen times
hot Gatorade
toilets with no lids to shut pre-flush
insect bites
“reality” TV
badly handled firearms
greasy/sticky floors
folks in communications industry, that can’t communicate.

What harshes your mellow ?

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