rodomontade & singularity

rodomontade (rod-uh-muhn-TADE; roh-duh-; -TAHD), noun:
Vain boasting; empty bluster; pretentious, bragging speech; rant.

Rodomontade comes from Italian rodomontada, from Rodomonte, a great yet boastful warrior king in Italian epics of the late 15th – early 16th centuries. At root the name means “roller-away of mountains,” from the Italian dialect rodare, “to roll away” (from Latin rota, “wheel”) + Italian monte, “mountain” (from Latin mons).

and for the math fans…

singularity (sing-gyuh-LAR-i-tee) noun
1. Something that is distinctive, unusual, or remarkable.

2. A unique quality.

3. Mathematics: A point at which a complex function is undefined, one where no derivative exists but the neighborhood of which contains point where the derivative exists. Also known as a singular point.

4. Astrophysics: A point or region where gravitation forces cause space and time to be infinitely distorted and matter to be infinitely compressed — the state of matter falling into a black hole.

[From Late Latin singularitas.]

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