– General –
When did you begin your journal? 2000-05-19 19:47:56
If you have more than one journal, how many do you have? 3 (if you count dead journal, too)
How many posts have you made? 3,149
How many comments have you made? Posted: 18,568
How many comments have you received? Received: 18,923
How many comments do you think you should have received? that many
Why? that’s how many I got! sounds fair.

– Depth of addiction –
How many times a day do you check your LJ friends list (ballpark)? twice
How many times a day do you post (average)? 7
Do you read all the journals on your friends list? yup
Honestly? I at least skim them.
What do you do when LJ is down? everything else!
Honestly? yup
Do you own an LJ T-shirt? Nope
Have you written a haiku about LJ? probably
Have you ever tattooed or shaved the letters “LJ” on your person? nope
When is the last time you left your house? 11:30 am this morning

– Favorites –
Do you have a favorite journal you read religiously? Yup… most folks who read my journal can guess who.
Whose user icon do you like most? wildly variable. artguy’s head removal is pretty clever, currently
Whose comments do you appreciate most? any that are intelligent, well thought out, or friendly
Which is your favorite community? masstransit
Do you have a friend whom you would like to meet or even touch, though not necessarily in a fucklist kind of way? I’d be interested in meeting all my listed folk in a friendly way, though I’d probably not want to touch.
Is there a journal you read and enjoy but which isn’t on your friends list? nope
If so, why not? n/a
Is there a journal so terrific that you’re not worthy of viewing it? nope, but I have high self-standards. I like all the ones I currently read.

– Most disliked –
Do you have a friend whose journal you never read? nope
If so, why? n/a
Whose user icon do you despise? Any that has nudity or crudity in it… I kill those journals for safe work reads.
Have you ever kept someone on your friends list because you are frightened they would do themselves or you damage if you dropped them? Protected hurt feelings, maybe.. but not anymore.
Is there a journal you read but would die of shame if you knew the LJ’er knew you read it? Not that I know of.
Is there someone on your list whose comments you can seriously live without? Not lately
Is there a journal you hate yourself for secretly returning to, again and again? no
Is there a journal you’d rather poke your eyes out than look at? yup. most of them, really. fucklist, childfree, any stupid ones

– Stalking –
Have you…
Ever been stalked on LJ? yeah, I’m not naming names, though.
Ever been in an LJ cat fight? nope, drama yes.
Been so afraid of a fellow LJ’er that you deleted your journal in terror? hell, no.
Been the instigator of or victim of LJ drama? yup, victim of the “Lakme/Carrie” hubbub.
Started a parody journal, or added one to your friends list? yup… misscleo is great.
Wished to God you’d never given your AIM/ICQ info to someone on LJ? no, you can block any boobs.
Received marriage proposal or been propositioned by someone on LJ? propositioned, no names, please.
Received/sent nasty anonymous comments? I’ve gotten about 2 anonymous trolls, but I record IP’s…
Received/sent nasty anonymous e-mail? nope
Been in possession of damaging information about a fellow LJ’er which could lead to personal ruin or embarrassment, but were too nice to use it? hell yeah. they don’t need my help to hang themselves.
Dropped all your mutual friends because you didn’t want anyone on their friends list tainting your friends list, or been the “victim” of someone who did so? yup. it was remarkably cleansing, actually. a good excuse to drop some deadwood.
Received more than one *hug* in a given post? yup.

– Neurosis –
Have you…
Been on gigglecam or magicwoman’s friends list? both!
Ever deleted your journal? nope
Ever deleted your entire friends list? nope
Ever turned comments off because you didn’t want any dialogue with people on your friends list? nope
Changed your user icon/user info more than once in a given week? icon? I rotate ’em, for stuff. 🙂
Posted cryptic or threatening messages/rants addressed to people you dislike in the vain hope that they’d know it was aimed at them and would thus cause them anguish? uh..no
Posted a naked picture of yourself? my naked face!
Stayed on LJ strictly out of spite? no.
Cried about something that happened on LJ? no.
Gone “friends only” because you didn’t want family members or ex-friends to see your posts? does folks at work count? if so, yes.
Gone “friends only” merely to pique the interest of or annoy ex-friends? No. That’s funny though.
Screamed incoherently at the injustice of life in your journal? no, mostly coherent.
Threatened to kill yourself in your journal? hell no.
Been saved from death by LJ friends at the last minute? noperino.
Filled out more than one survey in a given day? yup
Quoted more than one song in a given day? hmm… possibly.
Gone to an LJ Bash? nope, but I might, depending on the attendance.

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