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Bad Recipe
Last week, there were reports that journalists had discovered Taliban documents that described how to make a nuclear weapon. It turns out that those directions may have been downloaded from a web site. A parody web site.

Bush announces an additional $1 billion in grants to organizations that help the homeless. He also encourages people to give money to charities, many of which have seen a drop-off in donations as our attention has been on Sept 11th related causes.

Grasping at Flaws
According to the latest data, fewer than one in five U.S. high school students has a solid grasp of science.

These numbers are only accurate for those who don’t consider Sorcery to be a science.

Fortune Crookies
Four thieves who robbed a Chinese food delivery guy were nabbed by police before they had a chance to finish eating. One of the food containers dripped a trail of sauce that led directly to their front door. Not to worry. Where they are headed, food service is included.

Harry, meet Frodo.

Now Hear This
A brawl between a couple on a public bus ended rather definitively when the woman bit the man’s ear off. In other news, he’s listening now.

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