I would never demur my sweetheart's osculation.

osculate (OS-kyuh-layt) verb tr.

1. To kiss.

2. Mathematics: (For a curve) to touch another curve in such a way that they have same tangent and curvature at the common point.

verb intr.

To touch or to bring together.

From Latin osculatus, the past participle of osculari, from osculum (kiss; literally, little mouth), diminutive form of os (mouth).

demur (dih-MUR), intransitive verb:
1. To object; to take exception.

2. To delay.

1. The act of demurring.

2. Objection.

3. Delay.

Demur comes from Old French demorer, “to linger, to stay,” from Latin demorari, from de- + morari, “to delay, to loiter,” from mora, “a delay.”

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