I am here to protect you from the terrible secret of space.

We are the space robots.

I’m in the wrong business.

today is the first day of some tougher times at work, for the next 2 weeks. Dale is off to Jamacia… fortunately, this time around we have Karen to help out with things, instead of my having to the whole schmeer myself this time around.

The new liason between us and the parent company is more gross than old boss’s son was, regarding his habits and social skills. Yesterday, while working on a time-sensitive project, he comes trotting in, interrupting Kev’s stream of thought, and has him look up the most trivial stuff on the ‘net for him… Who owns the Pittsburgh Steelers? Go to this “escort Service site”. The guy’s a pig… my current nickname for him is “Small hands” because he’s got tiny little mitts. He has the absolute least amount of respect for women possible…. views them as cash-hungry semen recepticles. A sad way to be, but I think it’s because he’s spent all his time with rich guys and gold diggers, (and advertising guys buying each other hookers. blech) so it’s not all his fault… but it’s so deeply a part of his mindset and lifestyle now that no amount of education will change his view.

Holy cow… I didn’t realise the time. got to get to work.

will continue and edit this later.

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