hebetude & faineant (Two wonderful insults.(

hebetude (HEB-uh-tood-; -tyood), noun:
Mental dullness or sluggishness.

Hebetude derives ultimately from Latin hebes, “blunt, dull, mentally dull, sluggish, stupid.” The adjective form is hebetudinous (heb-uh-TOOD-n-us; -TYOOD-).

faineant (FAY-nee-uhnt, French: fay-nay-AHN) adjective



A do-nothing; idler.

[From French, alteration of fait-nient (literally, does nothing), by folk etymology from faignant, present participle of faindre (to feign).]

by the way, totally unrelated… I *love* the backdate command. Hides stuff in “plain sight”.

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