happy all saint's day! the walkies report

My Favorite Jack-o-lantern this year… seen on my morning walkies.. Went out a little bit before sunup. It was a pumpkin with a large heart and the word “LOVE”. Very unusual, and I liked it, a lot.

It’s kind of neat, seeing the ‘Morning After’… folks still have the carved gourds out, and in the morning light, it seems strange that I saw no evidence of “tricks”… no TP or eggs, but there was another sort of subtle quiet. It was nice to hear myself breathe, and the only other real sounds in the air was the crash of surf as I drew closer to the beach. It was early enough that nobody was there… I paced the about four blocks of the sand, then headed back, with a sort of quiet calm. A nice feeling. I feel very drawn and caught up in how the harvest season is winding down. I have a lot of thanks about my life, especially for the last year and some.

Right now, I’m burning some nag champa, stroking the kitty, and recently shaved and showered, talking with my sweetheart. Life’s good.

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