found my little rider-waite deck. :) card images taken from…

morning tarot, single card spread – for me

The World
THE WORLD — This card signifies well earned recognition, achievement, reward, a time of prosperity, security and joy. May also indicate a change in residence, travel, completion, success and liberation.

(Not bad…I’m all for any of the above… recognition doesn’t matter much, but the rest is nice.) I’m just happy they know I work and don’t screw around all day at work, now. Maybe a nice Christmas Bonus is coming! I don’t totally buy into the ‘divination’ aspect of cards, but they are fun, especially when they turn out to be right. 🙂

Another boon – I should be getting Big Brain back today, if all the tests went well last night. I’m looking forward to having the laptop rest a bit, and being back on a kick-booty computer, afte rhaving a criopple for so many months.

One card spread for my sweetheart…. I’m glad this was drawn. both this card and the above were right side up, not ill-diginified.

NINE OF WANDS: STRENGTH — Power. Health. Success after opposition and strife. Tremendous force. Recovery from sickness. Victory after apprehension and fear. Illustrates the maxim “change is stability.” The ability to face and overcome opposition brings the inner qualities of strength and forbearance. Delays and setbacks may come, however success is indicated. (I think that interpretation speaks for itself. Very nice. )

Morning walk was brief, but a nice one, none the less…thinking about the coming time off, and a chance to relax and unwind. Might see and at the broward county fair this weekend, hopefully I’ll get to go with the brother, too. I haven’t been to the fair in a while… I’m mostly looking forward to the chance to socialize with folks I haven’t see for a while, all of the above, including my brother. I really don’t want to stay there very long though… fairs are nice for a few hours, but they’re not an all day affair for me.

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