Eek! Yville nooze

That’s Not A Pipe Bomb, That’s A… um.. never mind…
Stuck to a 10-inch plastic pipe and covered in black electrical tape, the device sure looked like a pipe bomb. Especially since a little remote control was attached to it by a thin wire.

But a woman named Sue didn’t take the time to read the words “Swedish erotica” on the remote when she spotted it atop a toilet in the men’s room of Coffee Time Donuts.

The Life Of A Zoo Sperm Bank Worker
Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS), which runs the Singapore Zoo,has set up a bank of sperm and animal tissue in order to help preserve species.

The thankless task of collecting the sperm falls to Mr. Binatang’s, starting his rounds at 4 a.m. “We start so early in the morning because a lot of the animals have ‘morning glory’ when they wake up, and it’s easier to collect the sperm…

“I never thought I’d be giving an orang-utan a hand job every morning,” he said somewhat ruefully. “And he is the worst, he expects to be kissed first. “As we approached the orang-utan enclosure, we saw the Zoo’s most famous resident lying casually on his back, hands behind his head, and sporting a huge erection.

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