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Sorry We Have To Let You Go, Can You Repay Your Bonus On The Way Out?
John Schuett got laid off from a Silicon Valley telecom firm — and then his former employer told Schuett to repay 1,250 worth of a signing bonus because he didn’t stay at the firm a full year.

Schuett got a $2,500 signing bonus when he signed up with San Jose-based Valiant Networks. In October, he lost his job after just six months. Soon after, he received a letter from Valiant threatening him with a collection agency if he didn’t return half the bonus.

An inmate at the Saskatoon Correctional Centre who was told he has flesh-eating disease on his genitals is being treated in hospital, where he is scheduled to undergo reconstructive surgery this week.

Marlon Gidluck’s family is accusing jail officials of delaying treatment, causing him to suffer needlessly.

Gidluck, 22, compares the damage done by the infection as being akin to putting his penis “in a pencil sharpener.” Half of his penis had to be removed to clear away dead tissue and infected areas.

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