Up and at ’em!

Off to the fair with and this morning… They’re bringing her sister and brother-in-law, and I’ll be taking my sweetie along (in spirit). 🙂 It’s been a while since I’ve been to one… I think it’ll be fun.

Got together with my little brother yesterday…had a nice time gabbing with him…got a bite to eat and just sort of shot the breeze. (we missed seeing each other at thanksgiving.)

I could not disagree with Alan Cooper any more on his advice to Microsoft to dump the browser. His reasoning is that browsers are like remote interfaces to distant server-based applications… and that this is somehow a bad thing. That’s precisely the thing I love most about the web. If I program my app correctly, I don’t have to worry about different platforms or different versions of an operating system. Ganted, web-based apps aren’t right for everything, but they’re perfect for a huge chunk of the things that people need to do on computers these days. Could you imagine if Travelocity wanted you to use some custom application to interface with their sales engine? Or if you had to have eBay‘s client on your computer in order to participate in an auction? Heck, web-based email alone is a great example of the goodness of the browser.

Anyhoo… Hope everyone has a lovely day, and I’ll get back to y’all later.

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