Mixed feelings this morning…

Love, concern, curiosity, and a small knot in my stomach.

I want my sweetheart happy, healthy, well-rested and comfortably past her deadline. Hopefully her stresses will cease soon, and we can spend more time together again, as an added bonus.

a few little personal swirling, biting horseflies on my side, too…but they’re being swatted one by one as I can catch them. they’re minor, but taken as a swarm can be a little cumbersome…getting there.

Walkies were ok this morning, but nothing significant to report, aside from beautiful weather and pretty light sidewalk traffic. I had nice thoughts of walking with my sweetheart, holding hands, and sharing the sights… I harbored a light fantasy of taking her to the county fair, and riding the coasters and such with her…. the heartwarming portion of my time out and about. Thoughts of her always makes things better. 🙂

See? Even the knot is loosened thinking about her! Having her in my heart is cause to celebrate.

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