Back from walkies… freshly showered and shaved, teeth brushed, all happy and clean.

Goodyear Blimp - Stars and StripesRoamed around the air park ring instead of up to the beach today, despite the ring having a little construction. One for the things I love to see out there is the Goodyear blimp…airships are really a wonderful part of what I enjoy about living here. (There’s only four Goodyear blimps flying anymore…the others are in Ohio, California, and brazil). Beautiful weather out… not quite crisp, but cool and invigorating… just what I needed to get moving. Only a few clouds in the sky, along with the blimp taking off… it’s great to see the thing launching…takes off at almost a 45 degree angle.

The picture there is of the blimp over Pompano Beach, actually.

Traffic seems to be picking up…I suspect “snow bird” season is almost upon us… more cars with New York and Canada plates on them tooling around. I’ll be interested in seeing how many folks decide to come down with all the travel panic… the homeless population pops up too, in the winter months, as vagrants head to more tolerable climates for outdoor living. Tent city isn’t around anymore, so more will be going under bridges, and on the beaches again, like before. I am glad that homelessness isn’t a crime here now…the police just send them to social services instead of lockup. They used to do “bum sweeps” along the beach at 4 in the morning (at a time when I was homeless for a month) to find folks, and arrest them for trespassing…

When thanksgiving comes, I *dare* you to tell me you have nothing to be thankful for, if you have a roof over your head and a meal in your belly even once a day.

Bellyaching over the inconvenience of LJ being down seems a little silly when you see someone that doesn’t even have a place to safely sleep at night.

a year ago today – posting a picture from an old comic book generates nearly 100 replies… also, it’s been a year that Robb’s moved to Seattle… that marked the final nail in the coffin for EMAGE. I still chat with him now and then on AIM… I’m about due to again. 🙂

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