Back from my morning walk, showered, shaved and teeth brushed. (Newt’s a big fan of when I brush my teeth… right up in my face… I wish he was as interested when I brush his.)

Cool air, and high traffic on the road. My mind wandered more than I did…different thoughts and ideas going through my head. My brother isn’t going to be able to get together for thankgiving…not his fault, he’s scheduled to work until at least 8pm…but that means I’ll be going to TG dinner with my mom and her friends without the buffer of having someone on “my team” with me. Our attitudes and beliefs are so different… I’m going to go in, make some nice smiles and get out fast. I’m still feeling bad about my stupid move on Saturday…I want to apologise to him, but I don’t think it’d help matters any. I made an error, and I’ve learned from it. I guess the feeling bad part will fade over time. On a brigher note, this week is a short one… I hope we get friday off as well as TG. with this last week’s last minute pressures to get my project up and running, there weren’t any calls to the house, which is nice. With any luck, I’m going to get big brain back this week, now that the motherboard is in. That reminds me, I have to remember to bring Karen her treat for taking time to fiddle with my system… (man, the upgrade really screwed me… I’m glad she’s available ot take the time to fiddle with it, and make sure it’s all good, top to bottom. Once it’s happy and humming, I’m going to drop *nix and apache on it too, make it a dual boot, back to the brainy bit of hardware I was so proud of, way back when. Astley and his stupid chinese motherboard with no support really wrecked my system for a long time.

I’m also back to reading Harry Potter 4 as of last night… my sweetheart gave me the itch to read it again. I’m already about a fifth into it, and it seems better than I remember it (maybe because I’m not comparing it to the first two as directly.) I think I need a house elf, to do my picking up… Newt’s not cutting it as a maid.