Story idea sketchy

“When this many people are hungry for power, you’d better be the one with the fork.”
– (source unknown)

Influences: David Lynch, William Burroughs, David Mamet, Jorge Luis Borges, Umberto Eco, Franz Kafka, David Cronenberg.

Themes: food/consumption/assimilation, corruption, human needs and weaknesses, the body, food psychology and rituals, corporate bureaucracy.

Images/Elements: bad coffee in styrofoam cups, greasy burgers, fast food wrappers, sweaty armpits, indigestion, fluorescent-lit corporate offices, apathetic workers in the food industry, self-important office managers, cooked human corpses, banal corporate slogans, filthy meat-processing facilities, screaming kids, starving children, dirty tenement buildings.

Side characters: a transsexual who lives in the lobby of a Burger King, a Hawaiian kahuna, an anorexic teenage girl, an eccentric connoisseur of designer drugs, a cabal of hotdog-stand owners.

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