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Too Drunk For Murder
A suburban man charged in a shooting spree that left two dead and 16 others wounded in an Elgin nightclub might argue he was too drunk to be legally responsible for the gunfire.

Horse/Human Orgy
Tempe police say six horses, including a 4-month-old colt, were sexually molested inside a Tempe stable over a period of two months.

Generous North Americans who gave more than half a billion dollars (U.S.) to the Red Cross expected their donations would go directly to surviving family members and victims of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

But in a growing scandal which threatens to rock the foundation of the 120-year-old American Red Cross, it now appears that of the $530 million (U.S.) total donated, more than $200 million is being diverted to the blood agency’s long-term goals and administrative costs.

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