Shaking off the sleepies.

Wakey Wakey! *grunt* *scratch* Late to bed, Late to rise…

Well, I was up pretty late last night, polishing off a programming project, and doing a little futzing around. Reworking my home network, cleaning house, and generally puttering.

I need to dash off to the store and post office. (Get Newt and myself more groceries, and mail a bag of switches to tomorrow’s birthday girl. it’ll get there a little late, but preemptive gifties have made it there a week in advance, so it’ll balance out.)

Going to see Paul, Kevin, Brad, Bheesham and Marjo briefly today, so I’d better get moving.

Be back later, Journal.

*hungry for Asahi Dashi Tofu and Vegetable Tempura*

Anyone want to take me out to dinner?

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