raindrops tapping on the window

I’m sitting here writing perl code and looking out of the window. The whole sky is this dull, uniform grey, it’s raining, and I’m thinking “wow. Rain is bizarre. Seriously! It’s stuff falling from the sky. If it were anything else except for water falling, there’d be mass panic. I mean, to get up into the sky, you need a big honking plane or a helicopter or something. It takes effort. It took humanity a few thousand years to get from ‘ug, sky big’ to balloons, and then another few centuries to planes. It takes work to get up there. Anything in the sky is serious stuff.

Apart from a lot of water, which we accept with complete equanimity.”

Now this wet, thick air is moving in over the city… enveloping the entire town in a wet, thick embrace, and mist is condensing on the outside of my window, since it’s maybe 10 degrees cooler inside than out. It’s a day which makes me pine for bed, the comfort of my love’s arms, soft talk and easy sleep.

Side note. When I was 13, my age *was* my shoe size.

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