idyll & gadfly Yes, I’m awake. :)

idyll (EYE-dl), noun:
1. A simple descriptive work, either in poetry or prose, dealing with simple, rustic life; pastoral scenes; and the like.

2. A narrative poem treating an epic, romantic, or tragic theme.

3. A lighthearted carefree episode or experience.

4. A romantic interlude.

Idyll ultimately derives from Greek eidullion, “a short descriptive poem (usually on pastoral subjects); an idyll,” from eidos, “that which is seen; form; shape; figure.” The adjective form is idyllic.

gadfly (GAD-fly) noun

1. One who persistently annoys.

2. Any of the various types of flies that bite livestock.

[From gad (a goad for cattle), from Middle English, from Old Norse gaddr.]

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