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Paula Poundstone, Still Blaming It On The Booze, Gets Off Scot Free
Comedian Paula Poundstone was sentenced today to five years probation, 180 days in an alcohol treatment program and told she could never be a foster parent again after she pleaded no contest to child endangerment charges.

Stupid Jedi Mind Tricks.
It’s official: “Jedi Knight” is ON the list of religions for the 2001 UK census. A campaign to get people to write the entry on their census forms has succeeded in the term being included on the list of religions, alongside Church of England, Roman Catholic, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu.

Free Electricity!
A traveling salesman was in the Jefferson County Jail last night on charges of violating Kentucky’s consumer-protection laws in what authorities call a ”free electricity scheme.”

Dennis Lee of United Community Services of America was arrested about 3:30 p.m. Monday at the Holiday Inn on Fern Valley Road, where he was scheduled to conduct a seminar, said Todd Leatherman, director of the consumer protection division of the attorney general’s office.

He travels around the country promoting the Hummingbird/Sundance generator, ”a possible Free Electricity machine nearing completion,” according to the Web site.

The site also promises, ”we will mix up a fuel consisting of equal parts of pickle juice, soda pop, water, sugar, crude oil or old transmission gear oil, gas, soy sauce, even human urine, and a touch of perfume for smell and shake it up and run an internal combustion engine using that as fuel. . . .”

His site is a winner. http://www.ucsofa.com/ Make sure to check it out.

Why do newspapers never give the links to the sites they are covering in their stories?

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