Boynton Beach LibraryI dreamt last night that I was working at the library again (or not working, as the case was… goofing off with the old pages) and I saw a lot of the old team there. I wonder what Jane, Charlotte and Pam are all up to these days.

Those were some amazingly fun times. the only downside of that job was the politics involved… There were quite a few little hens there, too. Aside from that, I had a great time. Get paid to reshelve books, and show people where certain things were. Even cataloging wasn’t bad a little bit at a time. I love to see the old books people would donate. You’d invariably find something in a box to make you cringe or laugh. (like a slice of pizza for a bookmark, or old WWII porn…Tijuana bibles.)

Every other Thursday, they’d bring folks from the local mental care ward in to visit… Mr Hanna was a favorite. A stereotypical paranoid, he would laugh at inappropriate times, and spout some of the most weird commentary about stuff I’d ever seen. Very entertaining to a 17 year old boy.

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