Backitty Back.

Fresh from the shower after walkies.

Meandered up to the beach, waved to the fishies, and toddled on back home. Not many people out and about, and the weather was *perfecto* not hot, not cold, perfectly mild. It really surprised me that there weren’t many people on the beach or Atlantic Blvd…Almost a ghost town. It was comforting to roam unfettered by folks in my way…take as long a stride as I chose and not worry about stepping on or worse coming up too fast behind someone in my path. Soft, , sugar-fine, pale sand that was loosly packed…I really enjoy treading barefoot there, a light sea spray in the wind.

Returning to the walkies was nice, I feel that there was no effort involved at all, even walking up the bridge… I think there was more boat traffic than any other sort. Large Skiffs using the wind to their advantage (I was too… I love a light breeze to my back as I hike.) I think I’m going to hit the lighthouse tomorrow, instead of just tagging the sand and heading back.

Newt’s playing with the sandy sandals now… I think I’ll join him.

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