As a dutiful knight, I shall carry the colors of my lady and queen.

Red KnightTo show his affection for a woman, a knight would wear her scarf or any clothing element in his tournaments.

Gold (Or)- Generosity and elevation of the mind

Red (Gules)(Qu)- Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity

Orange (Tawny or Tenne)- Worthy ambition

Would that I could strike out at her torment, wearing a sash of said colors… casting down those that would cause her such anguish and annoyance today… Drive a lance through the heart of the vile Server Knave (no king, he!) and then sweep my lady off of her feet for a comfortable time together, free of struggle and full of pleasure.

Other colors as well, for completeness –

Silver (Argent)- Peace and sincerity

Blue (Azure)- Truth and loyalty

Green (Vert)- Hope, vitality, plenty also joy, and loyalty in love

Black (Sable)(Sa)- Constancy or grief

Purple (Purpure)- Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice

Maroon (Sanguine or Murray)- Patient in battle, and yet victorious.

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