aaaah! – purging the song…don’t mind me


Spider-Man, Spider-Man
has gigantic sebaceous glands
Chicken neck, big bug-eyes
Chirps just like a cricket’s thighs
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man

Smokes a bong? Chocolate mud.
Doesn’t talk like Elmer Fudd
Does he live, in a shed?
Wears a hat on his head
Watch out! Here comes the Spider-Man!

He gets chilled in the light,
deseeding a lime
streaking at night
naked and brown

Spider-Man, Singing glam,
Emails folks lots of spam
Width and length, two by four
His Aunt May gives him chores

Filling his pitcher of Tang-up
Wherever there’s a gang-up
You’ll find the Spider-man!

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