Wakey Wakey!Good morning! I’ve been up for a few hours, synching my schedule with my sweetie’s… I don’t remember my dreams beyond the song “doing the pigeon”, watching cartoons and snuggling on an airplane headed somewhere…it was over water and we were both very groggy.

Round 1 is over as of August, but I found a duck has been so popular another round is in the works. 500 plastic ducks start in London and race around the world in the biggest plastic duck race on Earth. If you find one of the little darlings, make note of its progress and see that it gets to another distant destination safely. (Now if airport personnel ask if anyone’s given you anything, you can say, “Just this duck.”)

I’m sort of curious… do the McDonalds not in South Florida carry the weird new ‘Hispanic Menu’ ?

I went by one last night, and they had on the menu (and great big signage…) Cuban sandwiches, something called a ‘Latin McOmelet’ sandwich, pineapple-mango dipping sauce for chicken nugs, and a ‘Dulce de Leche’ Flurry thing.

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