5 venoms I got myself a treat today from Kmart… Five Deadly Venoms, one of the few that I saw in the theatre when I was living in Richmond.

A kung fu DVD (for $3!!) I love the Kmart discount bin… I’m going to treat myself to maybe a dozen more of these. I’d have bought this one for $20.

the DVD is *nothing* special, techwise… a direct video (fair quality) to DVD copy, but for three bucks, you can’t go wrong. but back when I was 8 years old, this theater would have kung-fu Saturdays that I would go to with my brother, father, and Bill Brunot, a good friend of the family. (I think that’s where my tradition of sneaking food into the theatre started too… PB&J, with a thermos of kool-aid, Dad and Bill snuck beer in.) There’d be a double shot of chop-socky… and then we’d all go goof off at Bill’s house, usually playing ping pong or bumper pool. Back in the day… good times. I miss them a lot sometimes. Nostalgia is like that.

I saw Flying guillotine there, too, but I budgeted tightly, and honestly didn’t have $3 extra to pick it up. (I prefer to do dealings in cash.) There were like 10 copies, so I think I’m safe. Next weekend, I’ll grab a nice pile of them. heck, I think there were only 7 or so different ones. there. one of each will do fine for about $20. 🙂

I love having a dvd player in my laptop! watch bad movies, chat, and program in VB all at the same time!

*does the twist*

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