got up early this morning to walkies, but I’m not quite up to it yet. made it to the gas station and back, but the beach was too much effort for me today, in the tail end of my sick-yuck.

I hope my sweetie’s feeling better… the poor girl’s had to deal with one pesky trouble after another and certainly deserves the weekend to relax and recuperate.

I really want a digicam. That wacky mp3 player one looks like a nice fun gizmo, and cheap too. a nice thing to take with me on outings… there wasn’t anything that called out to me today to take a snapshot of, but I’m sure taking pictures of the airport, or sunrise on the beach would be fun.

Payday. (Last one before the end of the month) That’s something to be happy about… my budgeting is working nicely, building a comfortable little nest egg. when I first started my LJ, I was in financial straits… paying the bills for three grownups as well as myself. Thankfully, they’ve all recovered from the income troubles they were having, and I no longer have to squeak by paycheck to paycheck. I know so many people now that are taking care of adult dependants… Kevin (my boss) with his sisters, nephews and brother in law seems to have it the worst. He’s 33 years old, and is tending to the needs of four adults and three children. I wonder how he manages to keep himself fed, clothed and as stress-free as he does. I know of other folks, even younger, tending to the needs of parents or siblings too… I suppose there’s one caregiver and at least one care-needer in every family. (Poor Kev just is taking up six other folks’ slack)

I found myself thinking of walking with my love, hand in hand…as I’m frequently wont to do…she travels with me in my heart everywhere. thought about swinging arms, and laughing… always makes me walk farther than if I were alone.

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