ow! shoulda used nipguards!http://www.nipguards.com/

All silly pictures aside, this isn’t a joke. NipGuards, LLC manufactures and sells a patented product that prevents nipple chafing and abrasion.

a testimonial – Recently when I ran a road race, I too became a victim. A victim of nipple abrasion. It was about half way through the race that I noticed my nipples becoming tender. When I checked them out at the end of the race, I saw that they had been rubbed raw. So raw that they were bleeding. Can you imagine the embarrassment and ridicule I endured? It was horrible. Now that I have my Nipguards, I can now concentrate on my running, not my bleading nips, and give 100% everytime. It is because of Nipguards that I can now stay in shape and keep on runnin’. Thanks Nipguards!

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