sickness getting worse
called doc and was told to go to the ER for a chest X-ray

2001/10/23 15:04:16 – arrived at emergency room, filled out paperwork, mentioned bloody, opaque phlegm, difficulty breathing, cough etc, and sat here for 45 min.

about 8 people ahead of me, most not looking terribly severe, save for an older lady with a damaged hand. Some sort of cut, 2 fingers immobilized in bloody gauze. Also here are a few drunks (or stoned?) good mix of ages… ER is filling up now. Estimated count at maybe 30ish people. Cute kids playing quietly near a mom who stepped on a bit of glass. I’m alternating between reading the onion and writing character sketches on the palm. (I picked the wrong day to leave lappie at home! Craving AOK scripting or a keyboard to write on.) tagged 15:49:50 then returned to waiting. A doppelganger of gina moog just came in, clenching her jaw… I wonder what’s hurting… I hate the ER, so much pain here…limping, moaning, hurt. I wish my doc had an x-ray in his office. Lots of folks in need of repair. The girl next to me was regaling earlier about burning urine. (I can be approachable at times, after all!) I hope that I get out of here and home before sundown… So tired. It’s now 16:20:10 maybe 5 people here now, many more serious injuries got priority over mine, understandably so. 17:50:30…still sitting here. Severe headache from coughing, making me a little fidgety, hard to make myself comfortable. Met the RN 18:06:21 and am now in a room awaiting some radiation… They took even more info about me, I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t know some of the answers (Like the last time I had pneumonia.) taken to the rad-room at 18:41:28 was finally photogged at 18:54:16. While waiting, I met a nice little boy who is going to have a heart series done. His name’s Marcus, and is a total sweetie. He’s 7, and has had 2 heart attacks already. Now back in room 1 again, playing the waiting game. Got a prescription for antibiotics and bed rest. Released and waiting for cab at 19:20:17 on my 3rd pharmacy, none take my new insurance. I’ve given up on them, paying cash for meds instead. Now stuck here for an estimated 45 minutes. It’s now 20:04:53 home at 20:47:10

I’m a little perturbed with my chatty proggies lately. I wonder if it means all of their servers are getting too big.

AIM – been pretty good, lately. falls down now and then, but gets right back up again.

Yahoo – Weird stuff. folks visible to others but not me, or vice versa. (makes creating a nice group chat testy)

ICQ – the most pesky offender. I was sending messages back and forth to my sweetheart yesterday, when they suddenly stopped. it turns out we kept sending, but neither of us were receiving! not even in our history, just one ways. I did, however see when she logged off to drive home.

I’ve grown very dependant on gabbing with my sweetheart during the day. Pesky when our ‘telephone’ is spotty, but I guess I can’t complain too much… it’s free to use.

Thank goodness for e-mail. 🙂

Well, I’m done. Time to call in a pro.

I’m going to call for an appointment at the doctor’s tomorrow before work. I need something stronger than tea and ‘tussin to fight whatever is ailing me. I suspect walking pneumonia. (I’ve had it before, and it’s not bad, just irritating – I have a hacking cough, chills, headache, fatigue, muscle aches and fever.)

In other news, Newtie *loves* the Alaska key chain that sent me. 🙂 I think the metal ring reminds him of milk rings, and it rattles in a lovely way, so he’s been running around the house with it this morning (we’ve been playing fetch) , and leaving it on my pillow as tribute for when I get home at night. He must smell the polar bears on it. (Fortunately he hasn’t hid it in the litter box yet, like he is sometimes prone to do with army men.)

last but not least, the sheepo say –

I AM 36% GOTH.

Goth ny night, normal by day. Deep in my heart I know I am evil, but not on the company’s time. I do need to eat.

Take the GOTH Test at!

It’s because I go to ren-fests, I think… I’m *very* skeptical of these results.

embonpoint & testudinate

embonpoint (ahn-bohn-PWAN), noun:
Plumpness of person; stoutness.

Embonpoint is from French, literally “in good condition” (en, “in” + bon, “good” + point, “situation, condition”).

testudinate (te-STOOD-in-ayt) adjective, also testudinal or testudinarian

1. Slow-moving, like a turtle.

2. Curved like the carapace (shell) of a turtle; vaulted.


A turtle.

[From Late Latin testudinatus, from Latin testudo (tortoise).]

Newt’s embonpoint varies by the season, more in winter than summer, due more to genetics than any testudinate workouts when it’s cold. 🙂