Random Scotto factoids

Pebbles Flintstone was born (on TV) 7 years to the day before I was. (Though I wasn’t on TV).

The scariest thing about Weebles was that you can’t lie them on their side to indicate when one is sleeping or dead.

I saw a bus-stop ad yesterday that read, “I scream, you scream, we all scream for pork tenderloin.”

Weebles may wobble but if you drop one from a helicopter hovering a few feet over an active volcano, they will indeed fall down. That’s gravity, you know. Not only will they fall, they will melt. It’s true. And the same goes for your sun glasses and random objects you can find sitting around inside the helicopter. Oh yeah. Helicopter pilots don’t like it when you throw random things from the helicopter into an active volcano. Remember that. It’s important.

Raining hard outside, lots of thunder and lightning.

burning more champa, and wrapped in a cocoon of a recently out of the dryer coverlet, underneath which is a Scotto wearing an also freshly dried gi from my old Tai Chi/Tai Qwon Do uniform. There’s a purring kitty resting on my feet, and I’m chugging Gatorade, now that I’ve had my Theraflu.

Comfortable as possible, given the situation. 🙂

Taking a time-out from folding laundry.

I had wicked dreams last night. terrible ones.

I don’t really remember them very well… but it was borderline on a night terror. I woke up in the middle of it last night, choking and coughing because the CPAP stopped sending me air properly as I slept (the nose filled with cold yuck, barring any air passage) so I woke up, gasping like a fish on land. One good inhale led to a huge coughing fit. I know my body was covered in sweat, my heart rate was high, and my mind had that sort of “lizard-brain” panic that only pops up when you fear for your life. The closest thing I would guess at would be like an anxiety attack, but I don’t know if the severity was the same.

What I do recall is that for some reason, I was all alone again, back where I was maybe a decade ago, only it was current day. No sweetheart, no Newton, nobody that I could really call a friend. It was a miserable existence back then, but something in the dream made it horrific. Probably because I’ve become so attached to the people I care about. I don’t know if being alone was a result of something I’d done, or just the way the world worked…. I know the dream was prematurely stopped. It’s just as well. I don’t like to dwell on losing loved ones.

The feeling of panic and sadness hit me hard, and it took a span of lighting some champa, stroking Newt, and about 20 minutes of calming down to really recover.

I blame being sick. I’ve not had a spook like this in quite a long while… I hope not to have one again anytime soon, if at all.

Good Morning All!

Going to do laundry early today, before I see my sweetheart .(I rarely see her before noon on the weekends, anyhow..she’s a sleepyhead) Cold is lingering… usually I burn the flu off in a couple of days. if it’s still bad on Monday, I’m going to see a doc about something more behind-the-counter for a cure. (I wouldn’t even be doing laundry today, if I didn’t *have* to. I need clean sheets, towels and clothes, dangit!)