My Favorite Line From Wizard of Oz

“Come out… come out… where-ever you are. To meet the young la-ady who fell from a star” Glenda was such a cool witch. Seemed like she was out of it the whole time, but then again, she did ride around in a bubble.

Dave might be giving me his old Mac this weekend… which would be very cool for doing development even more cross-platform. Now, I’m thinking about what the Network name on the Hive might be. (Current Network elements are Queen (big Brain), Worker (Lappie), and Drone (Palm).) So far, Pupa was offered, and I like that… but I figure I have until it gets strapped into the network (oh boy! AppleTalk! I haven’t dealt with that in about 2 years…we’ll see how hard or easy it is to add it to the hive at all. I’d like to share the dsl net connection and files) . I’m excited… I had a line on a free mac before, but the bottom fell out of that deal. This machine is the last one before the IMAC candy-colored ones came out… it’s beige. 🙂

You know, one day, I’ll have a lovely library in my home, with overstuffed chairs, wireless net connections, tasty scents of sandalwood and such, high bookcases reaching to the ceiling, and plenty of well read, loved books on the shelves. Meanwhile, I’ll have to be happy with boxes in my closet. Maybe this weekend I’ll get some shelves, and make more of my texts simpler to access.

As a dutiful knight, I shall carry the colors of my lady and queen.

Red KnightTo show his affection for a woman, a knight would wear her scarf or any clothing element in his tournaments.

Gold (Or)- Generosity and elevation of the mind

Red (Gules)(Qu)- Warrior or martyr; Military strength and magnanimity

Orange (Tawny or Tenne)- Worthy ambition

Would that I could strike out at her torment, wearing a sash of said colors… casting down those that would cause her such anguish and annoyance today… Drive a lance through the heart of the vile Server Knave (no king, he!) and then sweep my lady off of her feet for a comfortable time together, free of struggle and full of pleasure.

Other colors as well, for completeness –

Silver (Argent)- Peace and sincerity

Blue (Azure)- Truth and loyalty

Green (Vert)- Hope, vitality, plenty also joy, and loyalty in love

Black (Sable)(Sa)- Constancy or grief

Purple (Purpure)- Royal majesty, sovereignty, and justice

Maroon (Sanguine or Murray)- Patient in battle, and yet victorious.

I’m staying home again today, instead of spreading disease like Scotto Germyseed. I’m drinking Theraflu in which I can actually see tiny organisms evolving from radial to bilateral symmetry as I watch. Give to me health, O healing, hot, lemony brew!

Fiddling with CSS, and what I want to know is why I can’t specify type in CSS to degrade to different sizes, like so:

.sansesque { font: 12px Verdana, 14px Helvetica }

Given the x-height difference, those are really more equivalent than if both are at the same size. Does anyone know a workaround for this (or a reason it doesn’t make sense)?

(Yes, I know 14 px Helvetica looks ugly. just making an example, here)

words of the day, guest starring Tor Johnson!

Tor Johnson dulcet (DUHL-sit), adjective:
1. Pleasing to the ear; melodious; harmonious.
2. Generally pleasing, soothing, or agreeable.
3. (Archaic) Sweet to the taste.

Dulcet comes from Old French doucet, diminutive of dous, “sweet,” from Latin dulcis, “sweet.”

brown study (broun STUD-ee) noun

A state of deep absorption in thought.

[Apparently from brown in the sense of gloomy.]

Tor, is indeed a brown study in the bestial, mindless beastly side of man. Raaaahhhr!

Meanwhile my most beloved is purely dulcet in all her ways. 🙂

in the news of the stupid –
Morons Sue bin Laden
Two South Florida men filed a $1.1 trillion federal lawsuit against Osama bin Laden on Monday, alleging that as U.S. citizens the terrorist leader has threatened them with personal injury. According to the suit, the plaintiffs had to build and refortify their bomb shelters because of bin Laden’s threats. They say the threats also inflicted personal injuries on them, including high blood pressure and stomach disorders.

“Basically, he’s threatened myself and every American in this country,” Pitchford said. ”It’s against the law to threaten anybody in Florida. Based on that, he’s intentionally inflicted emotional distress.”

*rahhhhhr* Tor smash stupid sue-happy morons for slowing down the court system…. *rahhhhr*