Thanks a lot, ya dang Hussites!

Random historical tidbit:

The wagensburg was based in its organization on that of the Hussites. An Ordinance of 1480 speaks of two lines each of 50 wagons, a line either side of 100 each, and two outer lines of 300. Colored signal flags were used, largely of red and white, four of them bearing the symbols of a cannon, crossbow, halberd, or pike as easy recognition signs. An executioner and gallows accompanied the army; robbery brought the loss of a hand, while deceit concerning the enemy might mean being clubbed through the wagon lines.

I want a buttered muffin, a carafe of OJ, and a back rub.

instead, a protein bar, water and petting Newt will do.

I’m fiddling with my homepage. I wanted to make it as omni-browser safe as possible. That may not be probable.

Netscape people – I’m tired of doing loads of extra coding because your crap little browser does not conform to the set of published standards. So there. I am not a Microsoft fanboy, but I do believe they have the best browser.

Just to help anyone to understand the pain in the butt that Netscape is: I’ve made this nice little DHTML thing that lets you select a picture from a drop down menu and then changes the picture and the caption underneath. It works like a baboon on acid in IE, but of course, NS chokes and dies when this is in fact all pretty standard stuff.

I’ve seen and tested Netscape 6.1, and the little SOB still won’t show the pics.

What happened? Netscape used to be the cutting-edge one. I hate Bill Gates as much as the next guy, but the product is superior.

I really dislike making something that one group is left out on, but I don’t know… maybe it’s time to say “sorry guys, what you get is what you have, if you had the better *just as free* browser, instead. not safe for five browsers, just good for lynx level text only, and the whee-fun msie with flash and DHTML schtuff.

made lots of fun flash thingies, but nothing final..little popboopdingthings. more learning procedures. amazing, versatile and simple language.

So, anyway… where’s my sweetie? I think she went back to bed and closed the lid tight, like Tupperware. (No wonder she’s so young looking!) 😉 My little Moonflower seems to be extra sleepy lately…well, I’ll just think good thoughts for sleeping beauty and bounce from writing to code to reading by her side until she gets up. Hopefully she’ll wake long enough for us to watch mad tv or snl tonight.

I need to give myself a writing project. a fresh genre, maybe. Mystery? Western? Romance? A silly, light comic-booky story?

I dunno…

Landlord left. He’ll be back tomorrow to put insulation and patch drywall.

Carman quit yesterday (with good reason) , and that probably means Karen won’t be far behind. It’s too bad, but probably couldn’t be avoided. A shame though, because they’re both good people, good workers, and people I could see being work-buddies with. They’ll still be pals, but I won’t see as many happy, pleasant faces.

Maybe something about work?

thanks to sjohn ross for the cool font, and making it pd!

UPDATE – The link no longer goes to the punkinhead font go to this one – insteaf.

punkinhead font

Hooray For Sjohn and Cumberland! –

Punkinhead is a dingbat font of Jack-O-Lantern faces, but it’s more
than just dingbats: Go into WordPad (or any comparable program) and set
the paper to portrait, print a single character from this font on
it in the biggest size that fits (often 600ish points) and voila!
You’ve got a Jack-O-Lantern template (or a really cheap, cheesy paper mask).
I doodled these up at Ruta Maya on a writing break, eager to once again
pervert the humble font into doing something unusual.

Continue reading thanks to sjohn ross for the cool font, and making it pd!

aaaah! – purging the song…don’t mind me


Spider-Man, Spider-Man
has gigantic sebaceous glands
Chicken neck, big bug-eyes
Chirps just like a cricket’s thighs
Look out! Here comes the Spider-Man

Smokes a bong? Chocolate mud.
Doesn’t talk like Elmer Fudd
Does he live, in a shed?
Wears a hat on his head
Watch out! Here comes the Spider-Man!

He gets chilled in the light,
deseeding a lime
streaking at night
naked and brown

Spider-Man, Singing glam,
Emails folks lots of spam
Width and length, two by four
His Aunt May gives him chores

Filling his pitcher of Tang-up
Wherever there’s a gang-up
You’ll find the Spider-man!

real song –

note to self, and anyone else who is interested

A reminder…. – tonight’s the season premiere of A prairie home companion.

Via the website, if NPR isn’t handy on your radio dial –

Listen Online (RealAudio 28.8 kbps)
Live: Saturday, 6-8 PM ET

Watch the Netcast
Live images of the show as it happens.
Most Saturdays beginning at 6 PM ET

Also, if you miss it, it’ll be in archive. the site has complete shows going back to 1996 , and a few even further back. (I just listened to a rebroadcast from November 1985)