Stuff I’ve learned, or been reminded of these last 12 months.

Things I believed in a year ago that I don’t right now.

Karma, especially enforced karma.
People are basically good. (Some are but I don’t feel it’s the norm. I feel it’s more environment than nature. Man is a savage creature.)

Things I believe right now, that I didn’t have as good a grasp on this time last year.

Innate Evil in Everyone, and Society & Law is needed to contain it. (When left to his own devices, man will seek the most selfish way, not the most kind or beneficial for the whole)
Mercy is vital, perhaps more so than Justice, as it’s not my place to be the judge.

Things I still believe

Be Nice… it doesn’t matter if they’re nice back.
Don’t bother arguing past the point of reason with a stupid person
Some people will not accept what I find to be reasonable or common sense to be such.
The opinions of folks I don’t care about don’t matter.

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