from! Ebay auction.

Got a ceramic goose?

Want to dress it up like a cop?

I thought so. (Note – the costume is the only thing being sold, as it does not come with the goose. I suppose you have to supply your own..I suppose it would fit on a flesh and feathers goose, too, if you’ve got one?)

Apparently she makes a lot of different outfits – has dutch children’s clothes, a nun, a doctor and a few others.

Sort of surreal…Is this a market that I’ve just never heard anything about? I’m not sure if I should admire her handiwork, laugh, or run in fear of the animals dressing as would men.

{update} The Goose is talking to me. I can hear him. He knows all the laws I’ve broken and have never been caught for.

*breaking into a cold sweat, as eyes become beady… brushes the chalk ‘M’ off of my shoulder.

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