I’m back….bought a disposable camera, to take up my photo-slack until I buy a digicam. Took some pictures of con-folks, and unusal stuff, but I still have about 20 pics left untaken. More about the con when I develop and scan the pics.

The con folks were reasonable, many of the guests didn’t arrive due to air travel troubles. (Bruce campbell did, though)

Picked up a few prezzies for folks, trinkets of happiness. I think my sweetie’ll really like hers. 🙂 (on the way home, we swung by the art supply store, and Toys R Us)

hmm.. my baby’s gone out… I wonder where she’s popped off to? I hope she comes home soon… I’ve missed her lots and lots today…I picked up some wine and cheese for our next date night… Hopefully tonight, if all works out ok.

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