“All nature is but art, unknown to thee
All chance, direction which thou canst not see;
All discord, harmony not understood”

–Alexander Pope

Livejournal is a sort of collective unconscious swizzle stick, broadcasting thought waves which are picked up by the minds of those within its area of readability. This area is vast. It’s fueled by written material which is dumped into an electromagnetic hopper and shredded, sifted by date, and mixed at random on each person’s friend’s list, and the nature of the material determines the imagery it sends out.

Journal emanations remain in my psychic atmosphere for about a week after usage. Then…as quickly as they appeared, most visions and rumors disappear from memory in all but the most grounded in information.

From what I’ve observed, its power to blur the difference between hoax and truth, rumor and fact is boundless. Folks sometimes forget that this place is comprised of opinion, supposition, and perceptions… not to mention the frequent instances of outright lies, which serve only to confuse and befuddle those that are trying to get the big picture. I feel that some players in this game we have here honestly begin to believe the stories they tell, even though the know that they were begun as embellishment or outright fabrication.

A pretty peculiar thing … but if a person doesn’t like any particular memory fragment or bit of story can be edited clean out of your personal space simply, if not always easily, and others added to the mix just as simply. Like it or not most people’s views filter into any mind that stumbles across it, even if only on a subconscious level. That’s part of why I choose things the way I do. I think I like the “stained glass” effect of my reading list. different colors, different views, amounts of light coming through on several frequencies. I think it all comes together in a fascinating kaleidoscope of design, each moment just a little bit different.

Thanks, Gang, for sharing your truths, your tales, and your thoughts. Whether or not I agree with you completely, I like seeing the mosaic that is the result of them all.

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