word of the day,-wiseacre but first, a totally unrelated panel.

The real reason why teenage boys like comic books.

http://myfreedomforce.com/index_ff1.html = the next game I buy. I’m a dork. so sue me.

Planet of the Apes actually contains the line, “Can’t we all just get along?” (at least the preivew does) So even if you like the other 89 and a half minutes of it, you’re going to remember the movie as retarded.

now, for the word of the day –

wiseacre (WIZ-ay-kuhr) noun

One who obnoxiously pretends to be wise; smart-aleck; wise-guy.

[From Middle Dutch wijsseggher, soothsayer, translation of Middle High German wissage, from Old High German wissago, wise person, altered by folk etymology.]

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