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Date created: 2000-05-19 19:47:56
Date updated: 2001-08-26 15:31:30, now

Journal entries: 2,605
Comments: Posted: 16,240 – Received: 16,154 (not bad, about even… I’ve been really not posting in other people’s journals recently, just because of the inability to do so)

user #3397 – we now get about 2100 new users every *day*

LJ has a different feel now… I wonder if it’s the difference between a small village and a big city. I can remember wayyy back when it was new to me, and I was just looking for a place to link to my web page, and keep an ongoing journal of my thoughts online. ( directed me here after looking at her site. I’m glad I went… that was the only reason I went with LJ, as it was the first one I’d heard of that was comfortable. Blogger at that time was still sticky, and LJ had a spiffier client, plus a build in friends and comments feature.) I miss a few of the features that have been (temporarily, I hope!) sacrificed to allow for more growth, like seeing where a person has recently posted, the regional search engine, etc… it was nice to peek around and see who in your neighborhood was posting. I think you could break it down by age, too… nice to see (forgive my ageist ways) folks 19 and up in my zone, who have gaming as an interest…it’d make organizing a group very simple.

I’d love for the gp search engine and picture host to come online soon, preferably after they get the machinery to work properly again. all the weirdness is floating out at right now, unindexed, just hovering. it’s begun to add up, over the year+ of entries… and I really don’t put as many pictures in as some folks do.

my first LJ icon

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