They’re not just fuzzy hippie amputees with a love of rum, y’know

sam n max as pirates

Think Maritime Piracy is a thing of the past? Think again! Piracy doesn’t just mean a bootleg copy of the latest cool software, or music.

Pirate attacks rose last year by 57% compared with 1999 figures and were nearly four and half times higher when compared with 1991 according to a report by the ICC’s International Maritime Bureau (IMB).

In its annual Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships report for 2000, the IMB – a division of the Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) – reports a total of 469 attacks on ships either at sea, at anchor or in port.

The violence used in the attacks also rose to new levels, with 72 seafarers killed and 99 injured in 2000, up from 3 killed and 24 injured the previous year. The number of hostages taken halved to 202 seafarers. Ships were boarded in 307 instances and a total of eight ships were hijacked.

*Thinking good thoughts for Cap’n Emer*

totally unrelated… what is this? I love the sound of the blue car, and the uncle bens rice instructions.Flash 5 required.

pre grumpy cat

from of course. full of kitties looking evil.

Even cute little kittens think livejournal is crap right now. 🙂

Ah well, it’s all relative. I’m at work still doing what I do in order to eat, sleep with a roof, and keep Newton and my self in relative comfort and quiet. I hear DJ is looking for money, now too… apparently a lot of folks are jumping ship, and heading over there. Working on my laptop, writing a short story…we’ll see where it takes me.

How to Live in a Treehouse

The first thing I look at is the father’s shoe size. I take a hard look. Clothing that’s too large can be adjusted, but pinched feet and blisters are unacceptable.

Surveillance will last three or four weeks. It’s just a taste at this stage, to ensure that the family has regular habits. Also, to get some idea of those habits. Once you know their television schedule, you can begin to feel at home.

With the Wests I know that the kids watch Xena, and that the father wishes he were watching Xena. I know that Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and That ’70s Show take place of honor on Tuesday evenings, Malcolm in the Middle on Wednesday evenings, Friends on Thursday.

The only thing to watch out for is the ad breaks.

They’ve never caught me so far. I’m a professional. I’m very good at what I do. I never enter the house when anyone’s home, but I have sometimes found it necessary to avail myself of facilities — of the garden tap, say, or the toolshed. The closest they came to catching me was on one of these occasions, when I was startled by a neighbor’s cat.

Occasionally I’ll sweep the garden for them, or clean their roof.

I leave no tracks.

The dog has become accustomed to me. Normally I avoid families with dogs, but the Wests were too good a chance to pass up. They’re absent-minded and guaranteed to be out of the house for most of the day; and they have a very nice home. And the father’s shoes fit me perfectly.

He has bad taste in ties, though.

If I meet someone I smile and say I am part of the family.

They smile back.

If anything is said to the family, confusion, not suspicion, follows.

Going to bed.


Know what I’m pondering?

Why Newt is cuter in my boxer shorts than I am.

see below.

Aww! My baby boy wants to dress like his mamma

We cant let bob get all the admirers...

Heck, I think he’s a good stand-in for Bob… don’t you? there must be something about nice goate’ed guys with orange cats getting the beautiful girls, eh? 🙂