I had a freaky dream last night, involving the reanimated and rotting corpses of old movie stars… they were quite large… maybe 2 or 3 stories… small to godzilla, but frighteningly huge to me. (or maybe I was just little kid size? hard to say… the perspective was not something I was paying close attention to.)

I distinctly remember Anthony Quinn and Cesar Romero duking it out, as well as a huge number of other long-dead folk, too. Anes Moorhead and John Wayne… and I knew ( despite a lack of dialogue) that they all wanted to eat the house I was living in. I remember having to get a few things and take off, lest they consume me in their horrible, necrotic jaws, as well as the house. I vividly recall grabbing things of importance like newt and my laptop, and pulling out the top drawer of my dresser to take my goodies. (love letters, misc keepsakes).

I wish that I’d remembered my Zombie knowledge that I have while awake…there’s a big container of salt in the kitchen… I think that would’ve helped to fend them off.

I believe is right… his mention of voo doo to my word of the day a couple of entries back may very well have set off that random crackling of neurons.

oh, and the perils of cloning

not evil at all news. :)

Recovered Turtle Returns Home
What we do is allow the turtle to heal itself,” Larry Wood of the Juno Marinelife Center says. “We do that by fighting off infection, topically and through antibiotics, and let the turtle relax and regenerate some of those tissues.”

Wood says that the goal is to not only help Isabel, but also the entire species.

Children’s Study To Map Healthy Brains
On the Healthbeat, there are new immunization requirements for kids heading off to college, and researchers are learning how healthy kids can help children whose brains are not developing normally. There’s also a call for more aggressive treatment for the many millions of Americans with high blood pressure.

Lizards Might Choose Offspring’s Sex by Sunbathing
Lizards might be able to control the sex of their offspring by getting more or less sun and regulating the temperature during gestation, scientists said on Wednesday.

It is not yet clear whether the choice of temperature is deliberate, but one theory is that the cold-blooded reptiles use temperature to control the number of male and female offspring and maintain a balance between sexes in the adult population.

Study: Light Speed May Have Changed
New observations from the world’s biggest telescope indicate that one of nature’s supposedly immutable constants has changed over the 15 billion-year history of the universe.

Study: Soy Formula Is Safe
Lines have been drawn in the often heated and controversial debate of whether to feed your baby soy milk-derived formula or cow milk-derived. A new study has some answers about the safety of soy.

People Identify Who They Are by What They’re Not
In the study, participants reported that knowing that they disagreed with the principles of the National Rifle Association made them feel good about themselves. Distancing oneself from a group or organization in such a way is called disidentification, the researchers note.

and last but not least –

Survival Research Laboratories
Producing the most dangerous shows on earth
Since 1979, SRL has staged over 45 mechanized presentations in the United States and Europe. Each performance consists of a unique set of ritualized interactions between machines, robots, and special effects devices, employed in developing themes of socio-political satire. Humans are present only as audience or operators.

Translation: They blow stuff up for fun. Whee!

hee hee… I knew it. as soon as I set up a contingency plan, either LJ’s working fine, or I have to work double-time today, so I can’t post anyhow.

Well, it’s nice to have the fire exits clearly marked, anyhow.

Good News! Newt’s coming into work with me tomorrow! I should get some extra litter to keep at work.

Next possibility… Newtcam @ work? I have the laptop.

http://www.livejournal.com/talkread.bml?itemid=8867790&nc=87 –

lj news with a nice, complete state of affairs. state of the goat address. I know I appreciated it.


an excellent commentary by bandicoot about what’s been going on in LJville lately.

How can you manage the finances without a reasonable campaign to promote paid accounts and ensure a reliable stream of income? The present percentage of paid accounts is flat-out embarrassing. At some point, hardware requirements aside, paid full-time employees are going to be necessary to keep LJ running, and you can’t do that without a better paid-user base. And that requires financial management that is currently non-existent.

If LJ doesn’t get good, coherent management soon, it’s going to bog down and die. And that would be a real shame. – a quote from same message.

My emergency plan… either here – http://scottobear.com/blog/blog.html

or here – http://www.deadjournal.com/~scottobear

just in case LJ has a case of the stinkies today. I hope they get their act together soon, though. (I prefer deadjournal… same goonsquad atmosphere…)

but blogger has a nice post proggie. (Mind you, livejournal will be my permanent journal.. I have a lifetime account… but I’m going to have a backup plan.)

less of the former, more of the latter, please! eye dialect & latitudinarian

eye dialect eye-DY-uh-lekt noun

Unusual or nonstandard spelling to represent an uneducated or youthful speaker or to convey dialectal or colloquial speech.

Examples: wuz for was, wimmin (women), enuff (enough), warez (wares), peepul (people), Strine (Australian).

[First used in print by George Phillip Krapp (1872-1934) in The English Language in America to denote spellings in which “the convention violated is one of the eyes, not of the ear.”]

latitudinarian lat-uh-too-din-AIR-ee-un; -tyoo-, adjective:

Having or expressing broad and tolerant views, especially in religious matters.

1. A person who is broad-minded and tolerant; one who displays freedom in thinking, especially in religious matters.
2. (Often capitalized) A member of the Church of England, in the time of Charles II, who adopted more liberal notions in respect to the authority, government, and doctrines of the church than generally prevailed.

Latitudinarian comes from Latin latitudo, latitudin-, “latitude” (from latus, “broad, wide”) + the suffix -arian.