Got off my butt, and will be having cable installed next Saturday sometime between 11am and 2 pm. Pricey… 19.95 a month until December, then it jumps to $41.50 (at which time I’ll either renegotiate, succumb to the new pricing, go with another company, or get a direct TV setup. for now, $20 is ok. If I kill it before December, they charge a $20 kill fee.

my plans for today.

Spend time with sweetheart, and give her lots of love.

Spend time with Newton, and give him lots of love.

Buy some pants (tore a pair yesterday, they need replacing)

get an area rug/Persian at Walmart

shop for a sofa/bookshelves/coffee table at the following –

Faith farm, salvation army , wal-mart, consignment. Mission: find a nice one, and have it delivered. (I can honestly say it took my admiring my sweetheart’s abode to spur me on to furnish mine. )

figure out how I want the living room to be arranged.

I figure that if I don’t see my sweetie by about 1pm, I’ll launch and get on the chores, and save the fun lovey stuff for later.

Note to self, do review of planet of the apes later.

nutshell – it wasn’t bad. better than three of the sequels from in the original series. compared to the original, it had very little heart. entertaining, though.

looks like lj is having some image issues… none of the emotion icons, or lj user /etc seem to be making themselves visible.