thunder and lightningThis thunderstorm is about 10-20 miles away. Lightning can be seen up to 75 miles away at night when the intervening sky is clear and dark. Thunder, however, may be heard only a few miles away in a noisy location, 10 miles away in the open, and up to 15 miles away in quiet locations.

Cloudcover has mostly passed, but we were treated to a lovely set of lightning flashes, heavy rains and parking lots reduced to wading pools due to poor drainage. Still a flood watch until 6pm, and a severe weather warnig until 8.

Some of the things I’m digging about the rain is the cooler temperatures… I may be able to open my windows when I get home tonight…. but the humidity makes it feel much warmer than it might otherwise.

On another tack, either this code red thing is worse than I’d thought or all the mailing lists I’m on are taking a little nap today. Where I usually get about 30-50 pieces of mail a day, I think that perhaps only 10 got through… and the majority of those are LJ replies and personal mail… that’s why there’s no evil news today, none of the spiders have crawled back home to roost. Perhaps that explains all the ip pinging I’ve been getting lately too. Kids, get a firewall, especially if you’re on dsl or cable. I can’t say it enough.

Owen Ng (CHIMP)
miniMAX’s DNPC

Points Powers END
12 1d6 HKA: bite (Total 2d6); Range: 0; Versus: PD; Reduced Penetration: -¼ (15) 1
6 +10 PRE; Affects Figured: No; Limited Power: only while threatening: -¼; Limited Power: create fear only: -½ (10)  
-4 Running (-2″, 4″, NC: 8″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0 (-4) 1
-2 Swimming (-2″, 0″, NC: 0″); Non-Combat Multiplier: ×2, +0 (-2) 1
18 3d6 Entangle: Splooge-pistol (DEF 3); Range: 300; Entangle Damage: Entangle and Target Both Take Damage, +¼; Special Effect: Sticky-goop; Charges: 3, -1¼; OAF: -1; Sticky: +½; Personal Immunity: +¼ (60) 0
30 Total Powers  
7 Acrobatics

5 Breakfall

7 Climbing

3 Scientist

2 Science: Robotics

2 Science: Nanotechnology

2 Science: Mathematics

2 Science: Biochemistry

2 Science: Subatomic Physics

3 Computer Programming

1 Forensic Medicine

3 Inventor

3 Paramedic

3 Gambling

3 Professional Skill: Research Scientist

1 Small Ground Vehicles

3 Systems Operation

2 Knowledge Skill (American Sign Language

1 Pistols

55 Total Skills, Talents, Perks  
Value Characteristic Points
18 STR 8
15 DEX 15
15 CON 10
9 BODY -2
13 INT 3
10 EGO 0
10/20 PRE 0
10 COM 0
4 PD 0
4 ED 1
3 SPD 5
7 REC 0
30 END 0
26 STUN 0
  Total 40
50+ Disadvantages
10 Distinctive Features: Chimp!; Concealability: Concealable, 10; Reaction: Noticed and Recognizable, +0

8 Watched: Vanguard (8-); Capabilities: More Powerful, 15; Non-combat Influence: Extensive, +5; Geographical Area: Unlimited, -0; Actions: Only Watching, ×½; Punishment: Mild, -5

8 Berserk: Held, entangled, trapped (11-, 11-, Enraged Only); Circumstances: Uncommon, +5

10 Phys. Lim.: Nearsighted (wears glasses) (Frequently, Slightly)

15 Reputation: It’s that Monkey-Guy! (14-)

10 Vulnerability: Chemical (Tear Gas, Pepper Spray) (2× STUN); Attack: Uncommon, +5

15 Psych. Lim.: Will Not Kill (Uncommon, Total)

76 Total Disadvantages

COSTS: Char.   Powers   Total Total   Disadv.   Base
  40 + 85 = 125 126 = 76 + 50

OCV DCV ECV Mental Def. PD/rPD ED/rED Phases
5 5 3 0 4/0 4/0 4, 8, 12


miniMAX – Scotto’s PC

egame- 1999, live – 1996


Life’s always been a little odd for Will Piper. At seven, he won a science fair
prize for showing that meta-abilities can exist in plant life. (Sadly, the
experiment was lost after the fern in question found a suitable ‘host’ to
control, and fly it to somewhere in South America. The pilot returned with no
memory of the incident.) At twelve, he and his younger brother (six at the time)
inexplicably stopped a bank robbery by blinding the robber with Fire
extinguisher spray & locking him in the vault. Events like those happen to Will
on a regular basis… this is not to say regular things don’t happen to him, but
it seems that oddities are more frequent with him around. He’s a product o f a
boy’s club style family. (His mother died when he was 13, leaving behind a very
busy father, and a younger brother.) Will thrived when he took on the household
responsibilites, acting as cook & maintenance for the family, as well as tutor
and confidant to his younger brother. Aside from the occasional peanut-butter
omelette (Which younger brother August enjoys eating…), Will did a great job
keeping the family together and maintaining excellent grades at school.
Excelling in science, Will got a scholarship to U Penn, and later was recruited
by Sabretech to pursue his theory about loosening the bonds surrounding matter
(Desolidification) surrounding matter to allow for safe, unhindered movement
from place to place. Cars never need crash, police need never be shot, and
freight trains could fit dozens of cargo cars overlapping in the space of just
one. The procedure involved a chemical bath of the object, and subjecting it to
a ‘phase-altering’ radiation. Unfortunately this experiment never came to
fruition, as on the fifth day of testing, the laboratory building suffered some
sort of electrical surge, exploding the containment tank, and dousing visiting
brother August, a lab Chimpanzee and Will with an upsettingly large amount of
the chemical. After a quick trip to the emergency room, and showing no ill
effects, both of them began exhibiting a high level of control over the
molecules in their own body. The chimp somehow gained a much higher intelligence
as well. (One guess is the Neurons of his brain formed new connections and
‘jumpers’ as a result of the accident. INT. of about 13-15), and communicates
via a hand powered voice box on his chest. (acts as Will’s Lab assistant, now.)
Will, by extending or contracting the distance between his atomic structure can
shrink to a small, physically dense man of about 4 inches tall and grow to a
powerful giant of nearly 3 or four stories. August’s abilities are not similar
to Will’s, he can bridge seemingly empty gaps in space with a thought. August
has since gone to boarding school to learn to control his abilities. Shortly
after the accident, Will left Sabretech (and destroyed the notes he had
there) when it was revealed that the lab was making weapons for a terrorist
group. Hired by Vanguard he and the ape (Who has taken the name Owen, and under
sentient beasts law, exists as a citizen) continue work in subatomic physics and
molecular biology there. Eventually Sabretech came looking for him, to take
notes back, and to have him build weaponry for them. He refused, and instead
decided to take the law into his own hands to destroy the lab. Donning a costume
and building a few items that would help in the attack, Will (as miniMAX)
infiltrated the lab’s complex, made sure no people were there, and laid waste to
the computer & written weaponry information. No longer safe at Vanguard’s labs
in Hershey, Will and Owen transferred to the ABE area branch within the last 3-4
days. After getting a taste of pummeling bad guys, Will has decided to devote a
serious portion of his time tracking down the baddies, and seeing to it that
they get picked up by the rightful authorities. (Once fully trained, he hopes to
send for his brother, and work as a team. That, and he misses the little
booger.) A side effect of his molecular shifting ablitites, Will takes more
damage from electro-magnetic attacks.

The other players would know of a blue-suited giant crimefighter with a gadget
bent. (I don’t imagine the shrinking would make the papers as much, except that
he seems to manage to leave the scene very quickly, and he does wear a silver
jetpack lately.) Other things known would be he used to appear in Hershey, but
is now in ABE, is known to put protecting innocents in front of capturing
criminals… has medical skills to some degree. Apparently has a flippant but
friendly attitude to non-violent types and authorities, and is seemingly appaled
by violent folk.

Appearance-wise, he’s a handsome man, with the build of an an athlete who
engages in regular workouts. Sandy-brown hair, cut short for comfort, low
maintenance style. Eyes are blue. If I had to pick a look, I’d go with Gil
Kane’s Hal Jordan (Green Lantern) about 1965 or so. Think Johnny Weismeuller
without the stupid look on his face. In costume, he wears a Blue & black
jumpsuit (akin to a S.H.E.I.L.D. uniform, with black knee-boots, long Black
gloves & a black riot helmet w/mirrored visor for keeping the identity a
secret. An ‘elevator-like’ logo on his chest, with a green tringle pointing
up over a red one pointing down, on a yellow oval. (He keeps the costume shrunk
on his person, in a pocket…about half the size of Ken-doll clothes…when
changing, he shrinks down, takes a half phase and grows to fill.) When not in
costume, he usually wears polo-style shirts, Khaki pants. In the lab that’s
augmented with safety goggles and a lab coat.

miniMax Character Sheet

 VALUE CHARACTERISTIC COST BASE  PTS NAME: Will Piper, Scientist at Vanguard 
    15 Strength         x1    10   5 HERO ID: miniMAX (Will S. Piper)        
    18 Dexterity        x3    10  24 PLAYER: Scott von Berg                  
    20 Constitution     x2    10  20                                         
    10 Body             x2    10   0  PTS             POWERS              END
    18 Intelligence     x1    10   8   86 MP (Mutant Powers) (86),           
    11 Ego              x2    10   2      "Molecular Powers "                
    15 Presence         x1    10   5   7u 4 LVLS Shrinking (Mutant           
    16 Comeliness       x1/2  10   3      Powers)(64mm,25g,+8 DCV,+12 KB),   
     8 Physical Defens  x1     3   5      Affects Inanimate, Accessable      
     8 Energy Defense   x1     4   4      Items (Unliving)(+1/4),0 END       
     5 Speed            x10  2.8  22      (+1/2)                            0
     8 Recovery         x2     7   2   3u 6 LVLS Growth (Mutant Powers)      
    44 Endurance        x1/2  40   2      (4m,6.4t,+6 BODY/STUN,-4 DCV,+30   
    40 Stun             x1    28  12      STR,-6 KB)                        3
        Characteristics Cost:    114   1u +9" Running (Mutant Powers),       
                                          "Giant Sized Movement",linked to   
 DISADVANTAGES         BASE: 150+PTS      levels of growth 1 pt usble        
 DNPC,"Owen Ng (Lab Assist-        5      doubles with each lev(-3/4)       2
  Chimp)",normal,useful skills,        2u 15/10 Armor (Mutant Powers),       
  appear 8-                               "Dense Skin",linked to levels of   
 Hunted,"Sabretech-enemy lab",    10      growth 3 pt usble doubles with     
  less powerful,non-combat                each lev(-3/4)                     
  influence,harsh,appear 8-            15 1 LVLS Shrinking (Radiation)       
 Psych Lim,"Hero Code (patrol 4   15      (0.5m,12.5kg,+2 DCV,+3 KB),        
  hrs a day, do duty)",common,            "Grenades"(0.5m,12.5kg,+2 DCV,+3   
  strong                                  KB),OAF(-1),4 Charges(-1/2),       
 Psych Lim,"Vs. Killing",common,  15      continuing,duration: 1 turn,       
  strong                                  Ranged(+1/2),Area Effect(+1),      
 Psych Lim,"Overconfidence",      15      radius,up to 800 kg accessable     
  common,strong                           inanimate, non living(+3/4),       
 Secret ID,"Will Piper,           15      usable against others              
  Scientist at Vanguard"                  (inanimate)(+1/2)                 0
 Vuln,"Electro-magnetic",common,  20   10 PKG,"Helmet",OIF(-1/2),            
  x2 stun                                 unbreakable                        
 Watched,"U.S. Govt./Vanguard",   10  (4) x1000 Micro Vision,Extra Time      
  more powerful,non-combat                (-3/4),time: 1 minute,only to      
  influence,mild,appear 11-               start power                        
 Weirdness Magnet 3d6 unluck      10  (2) Discriminatory,Detect,Extra        
  only for we                             Time(-3/4),time: 1 minute,only     
 Ape is Human                      0      to start power                     
 Vuln,"Electo-magnetics",common,  10  (1) +0 Detect,"Chemicals",Extra        
  x1 1/2 body                             Time(-3/4),time: 1 minute,only     
                                          to start power                     
                                      (3) 5 Flash Defense                    
                                       20 15" Flight,OAF(-1),unbreakable,    
                                          total flight time 6 hours          
                                          between refuelings(-1/4),0 END     
                                          (+1/2)                            0
                                        5 3 Levels: Hand to Hand,linked to   
                                          levels of growth 1 pt usble        
                                          doubles with each lev(-3/4)
							3 Scientist                          
                                        1 SC: Molecular Biology 11-          
                                        1 SC: Inorganic Chemistry 11-        
                                        1 SC: Robotics 11-                   
                                        1 SC: Subatomic Physics 11-          
                                        1 SC: Biochemistry 11-               
						         3 Inventor 13-                                                                                            
                                        0 Climbing 8-                        
                                        0 Concealment 8-                     
                                        0 Conversation 8-                    
                                        0 Deduction 8-                       
                                        0 Paramedic 8-                       
                                        0 Shadowing 8-                       
                                        0 Stealth 8-                         
                                        0 TF,Automobiles                     
                                        0 AK: Hershey, Pennsylvania. 8-      
                                        0 PS: Scientist 8-                   
                                        4 M Strike                           
                                        4 Martial Dodge                      
                                        3 Martial Throw              

           Disadvantages Total : 125  171 : Powers Total                     
              Experience Spent +  10  114 + Characteristic Total             
                  Total Points = 285  285 = Total Cost                       

Florida, land of sunshine?

Not during the rainy season. Not that I mind. Not a bit… I only would prefer to skip work again today, and curl up with the kitty, my sweetie, a good book, and some bedclothes.

looks like rain!

Heavy Rain
73 °F Feels Like: N/A

UV Index: 1 Minimal
Wind: From the Northwest at 12 mph
Dew Point: 73 °F
Humidity: 100 %
Visibility: 1.25 miles
Barometer: 30.08 inches and steady